“The State of South Australia is located in the southern half of Australia, in the central part of the continent. It is one and a half times larger than Texas, with a climate similar to that of Southern California. The gateway and capital city of South Australia is Adelaide, which is only a 50-minute flight from Melbourne or 1-hour 45-minute flight from Sydney. It’s a city of natural beauty and simple elegance. Adelaide appeals to many North American visitors because of its relaxed, cosmopolitan lifestyle and rich cultural and culinary offerings. But it is the city’s proximity to some of the most remarkable nature and wildlife, several of the world’s great wine-producing regions, and Outback experiences in Australia that makes it such a compelling travel destination for North Americans.”

Nature & Wildlife Experiences

South Australia is considered to have the most diverse and accessible wildlife viewing opportunities in Australia. For any nature and wildlife enthusiast, Kangaroo Island (KI as it’s known to the locals) is a must-visit destination. Known as “Australia’s Galapagos”, the island has retained its rich diversity of wildlife, much of which is not found on the mainland. Unlike many other Australian destinations with this kind of rich natural offerings, Kangaroo Island is easily accessible, being only a 30-minute flight from Adelaide. A two day/one night touring and accommodation travel package on KI will enable visitors to see most of Australia’s well-known native animals, including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, sea lions, little penguins, echidnas, platypus, and local, endemic birds while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean.

Amazing wildlife experiences are not limited to Kangaroo Island. The Eyre Peninsula offers some of the best opportunities to interact with marine life, such as swimming with Australian sea lions, southern blue fin tuna, great white sharks, and the mysterious cuttlefish. The Flinders Ranges and Outback regions are also home to many species, including emus, wombats, endangered Yellow-Footed rock wallabies and wedge-tailed eagles, as well as exotic birds and reptiles. For more information on Nature and Wildlife experiences please click here

Wine & Food

If you know wine, then you have most likely heard of South Australia. More than 60% of wines produced in Australia come from the state of South Australia and wine regions such as the Barossa, McLaren Vale, and Coonawarra  are famous the world over. It is the proximity of South Australia’s wine regions to Adelaide, however, that surprises many visitors. The Barossa, known to many as Australia’s wine capital, is only a one-hour drive north of Adelaide. Similarly McLaren Vale is only a 45-minute drive south of the city, while Penfold’s Magill Estate (home of Australia’s most famous wine – Grange) is only 15-minutes from downtown. The proximity of these experiences gives visitors more time to soak in the stunning scenery, chat to the winemakers, and relax among the vines that produce some of the most premium wines in the world.

South Australia boasts a large concentration of restaurants and cafes, not only in the city of Adelaide, but the regional towns also have some of the finest dining experiences in Australia. The food in SA reflects the diverse and multicultural influences of the region and the people, while also complementing the outstanding wines of South Australia. Everything from Outback “bush tucker” to Australian-influenced French and Asian fare can be found in this food and wine Mecca. For more information on our Wine and Food experiences please click here

Outback Experiences

The Flinders Ranges is known as the “Gateway to the Outback.” Just three hours’ drive north of Adelaide, the Flinders Ranges National Park features rugged mountain scenery, rocky gorges, and abundant wildlife all year round, with an array of wildflowers visible in the spring (September – November). The focal point of the Flinders Ranges is the spectacular Wilpena Pound, a naturally forrmed amphitheatre of mammoth proportions (10.5 miles long and 4.4 miles wide).

Scenic flights are available over the Pound and surrounding ranges, as well as fully escorted four-wheel drive safaris into hidden gorges adorned with rare and sacred Aboriginal rock art and lined with stunning River Red gums. Numerous “homestead” station stays are also available for visitors looking to experience life on a working Outback sheep and cattle station.

Of course, an important part of any vacation is the interaction you will have with the locals, and South Australians are known for their friendly, warm hospitality and willingness to share their stories and experiences. For more information on our Outback experiences please click here

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